Wellness Tuesday: A Reality Check

The last six months have provided a number of changes in my life.  These have included a job change, move, changes in my caregiving schedule and working a variety of different hours and shifts.

Planning ahead is the best way but not always the easiest.

Planning ahead is the best way but not always the easiest.

All of this has led to anxiety over how to control my weight and eating.

While I try to cook my meals ahead of time, when possible this has not always been plausible.  With the changes in hours and times on the road, I have had trouble preparing meals.  This leads to eating out and often eating on the go.

Before all of these changes took place I’d lost 45 pounds and was feeling much better.   However, over the course of time I gained half of the weight I’d loss back.

So I’ve had to go back to the drawing board and work through these issues.  I still struggle with them more times than naught, but I keep hammering away at the issues and working to discover a plan of action that works best for me.

How do you deal with changes in your life?

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