Walking in the Wilderness

One of the teenagers I mentored, stopped in for a visit. I listened, softly offering a word of wisdom here and there.

“But, you don’t understand—” She would stare at me.

Do you have a rebel in your life?

I felt the emotional slap go across my face. I was talking with myself twenty some years ago.

I’d been just like this young girl, refusing to heed Godly wisdom and too rebellious to care. I thought I knew everything and knew best.

My heart broke for this girl, knowing the rocky path I’d been down.  I did not want the same for her, but it looked as if she is headed in this direction.

“Oh Lord, please help her to see and hear you. Give her guidance, wisdom and direction during this wilderness period.” I offered up a silent prayer.

What warning signs do you ignore?

There are times when we’ve been down a path and can see the danger ahead. However, as we know hindsight is always twenty twenty. It is always easier to see it once you’ve been through the valley than when you are in the midst of it.

This served as a reminder to stop and listen to the Godly wisdom and advise of my own mentors. After all, they’ve often been through the valley I’m currently in. I thought about my life and the areas in which I was fervently seeking God.

Was I listening to Him? Was I seeking His will? Or was I being rebellious and determined to forge my own path?

The Lord will never leave nor forsake us

“Create a right spirit within me.” I whispered King David’s words from so long ago.  {Psalm 51:10}

I was reminded that the journey may be new to my protégé or to myself, but it is never new to the Lord. Even when I feel lost and alone, He will never forsake me. “The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”  {Deuteronomy 31:8}

Where do you turn when you are walking in the wilderness? Are you praying for those walking in the wilderness?

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