Walking in Obedience

I was asked to call in a pastor for a woman on hospice. I made the necessary call and was informed the pastor would be there in a few hours.

I continued to walk by and the Lord kept impressing on me to go speak to her.

Walking in obedience isn’t easy

Finally, I took a deep breath and followed his command.  I told her the pastor would be here in the afternoon, held her hand and asked if she needed anything.  She asked for some ginger ale, which I was able to obtain.  While I held her hand I said a silent prayer over her for comfort and strength in these final days. I’d already been told she had a strong faith.

After we finished, I told the Lord “I did as you asked. I didn’t do anything special and I don’t know what difference it made but I did what you asked.”

All the insecurity and doubt rose within me.  Why did the Lord want me to speak with this lady? What difference did I make?

Our greatest blessings come when we walk in obedience

Then I realized if nothing else, I made a new friend.

Sometimes the Lord ask us to do things we don’t understand or that make no sense for us.  We are told to step out in faith but in our human nature we want to overanalyze and ask why.  At least I do.

However, each step in obedience to what the Lord directs leads us to more faith and prepares us to take an even greater step in obedience.

Look at Abraham.  The Lord asked him to leave his home and people. The Lord provided in the wilderness and promised a son. Abraham had to wait almost twenty years before that promised son was born. Then when Isaac was of age, the Lord asked Abraham to sacrifice his son.

The Lord blesses those who walk with Him

We can only imagine the internal dialogue Abraham had over that command, but he knew God’s promises that his descendants would be greater than the stars. Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son when the Lord told him to stop and provided a lamb.

The Lord came to Abraham and said ““By myself I have sworn, says the Lord: Because you have done this, and have not withheld your son, your only son,  I will indeed bless you.”  {Genesis 22:16-17}

Do you obey when the Lord speaks?  How has the Lord blessed you for your obedience?

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