Waiting for the Unknown

For months I have been waiting for something, I’ve just not known what. I still don’t know what.

But as one change after another took place, I knew the Lord was moving and working up to something.

When I begin to grow antsy and frustrated with how long the process takes, Mama reminds me to be patient. “Sometimes He has to move others around before He can move us.”

While I wait I continue to seek His will and ask what He would have me to do.

When negative thoughts creep in, it is easy to believe the lies. But then I think about the Lord’s promises and remind myself that with every closed door, something even better is going to come along. Something that will put me in the path of the Lord’s will for my life.

Jesus said “Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.”  {John 14:1}

I choose to believe in Him and trust He knows best and is working things out for my good while I wait for the unknown.

How do you react when facing an unknown future?

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