Understanding My Self

I find personality types very interesting.  This is one of the few interest Mama and I have in common.

We all have our own, unique personality and style

We all have our own, unique personality and style

Through my counseling and my own interest, which led to self-study, I began to learn more about the different personality types.

This helped me to begin to understand my personality.  Through recognizing which personality features I possess, I was able to better understand my reasoning patterns and motivations.   All of this helped me to understand why I acted and reacted the way I did at times.

This understanding also helped in other ways.  By understanding personalities, I was beginning to understand other people.  I had better insight into his/her style, reasoning’s and actions.  Seeing how compatible or incompatible we were and the reason we each responded the way we did gave me a better view and understanding of situations.


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