Uncertainty in Bible: David Runs from Saul

Although David has already been anointed to be King, he has to wait until the proper time.  {1 Samuel 16:13} He could have taken matters into his own hands, but this would be going against the Lord.  Instead, he served King Saul faithfully.

However, there’s a problem. King Saul hates David and wants to kill him. He tries several times to kill him and when Saul sends soldiers to arrest him, discovers his daughter {and David’s wife}, Michal, has helped David to escape. {1 Samuel 19}

David stays on the run for years, as he runs from King Saul.  Jonathan {Saul’s son} even helps him to escape in 1 Samuel 20.

Saul wanted to kill David

David even has the opportunity to kill King Saul when he comes within reach, but he doesn’t touch him. Instead he cuts a piece of  his cloak to prove how close he was. {1 Samuel 26}

David lives on the run, growing his family and troops in the process. There had to be a lot of uncertain times as they wondered where to sleep or eat or how to survive. They didn’t always meet the kindest people as we see in the account of his meeting with Nabal. {1 Samuel 25}

Only after the deaths of Saul and Jonathan does David become king. {1 Samuel 31}  Even then life is not always certain as David makes a bad decision with Bathsheba {2 Samuel 11} and his own sons revolt against him, sending him on the run at one point.  {2 Samuel 15}

Yet, David is called “a man after God’s own heart.” {1 Samuel 13:14}

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