Wellness Tuesday: Two Factors that Lead to Weight Loss

I recently heard someone say that two things lead to weight loss.

Does fear rule your life?

Does fear rule your life?

Fear which can increase our stress, lead to strokes, insomnia, diabetes, tension headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, and angina.

Love which can decrease stress, lower blood pressure, decrease tension, increase strength in bones, and decrease depression.

I’d never thought of this before, but after thinking about it for a while realized he was right.

or Love?

or Love?

I realized that in the past both of these have driven me to get healthy.  So what is driving me at the moment?

I’ll have to admit, it is fear!

Fear of not wanting to become incapacitated, fear of always being alone, fear of not fulfilling my dreams, and fear of how my health affects my current life.

What drives you to lose weight?

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