What Does It Mean to Love Like Jesus

I’ve discussed sharing HIS Kind of Love many times on this blog.

You will even notice that it is part of my tag line.

First, who is this His? HIS refers to Jesus Christ. As the son of God, Jesus embodies the

My Tagline...Jesus tells us to show His Kind of Love to others

My Tagline…Jesus tells us to show His Kind of Love to others

love of God.

Why HIS Kind of Love? Jesus commands us to love others as we love ourselves. {John 13:34} We are put here to be servants of God. Regardless of our calling or occupation in life we can always show HIS Kind of Love to everyone we come in contact with. Whether we are at work, at home, at school, in the grocery store, enjoying our favorite hobby, in our own neighborhood, etc.

However showing HIS Kind of Love is not always easy. There at times when we are tired, weary and have given all we can of ourselves. There are other times we have done our best to show kindness to an individual and we have been taken advantage of, betrayed or at times even annoyed by people in our lives.

So, what does Jesus say when these feelings arise?

Jesus tells Peter to forgive seven times seventy

Jesus tells Peter to forgive seven times seventy

Well, when Peter asked if we should forgive seven times, Jesus said no but seven times seventy times. {Matthew 18:22} Even then sometimes we reach our limits. I know there have been circumstances in which I have cried out to God I can’t take it any longer. Every situation is different and all I can say is to seek God’s will in the matter.

So what does it mean to love like Jesus?

Jesus said that when we do it to one of the least of these we do it to Him. {Matthew 25:40} Jesus wants us to treat others the way we would treat them if we knew they were Jesus. Imagine the extra step you might take if your employer were watching.

We all want to be treated with kindness and thoughtfulness. There are times when we all need a helping hand and would appreciate assistance. The least we can do is to treat others the way we would have them treat us.

Jesus went to the cross in His love for us.

Jesus went to the cross in His love for us.

Is this always easy? Absolutely not.

Is it possible? With prayer. Absolutely.

We live in a day and age where everyone is so concerned with themselves. More than ever we need to treat one another with thoughtfulness and kindness. If we would each treat others in such a manner and those that we touch would treat others in such a kind manner than we could change the world with one small act at a time.

So, how do I love others like Jesus?

From now to the end of the year we will look at the words of Jesus and what HE says about how we should treat others. By taking a closer look at HIS words, I hope we will ALL learn better how to show HIS KIND OF LOVE.

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