Song Story: Through It All

The song Through It All was written by Andráe Crouch and is his biography and testimony wrapped up into one.

Andráe Crouch

Andráe Crouch was born on July 1, 1942 in Los Angeles, California.
He experienced devesating loss when he lost his father, mother and brother all within two years of one another. He said, “Probably the hardest time in my life…Just getting through the gloom, the grieving part of it and to learn the reason why.

Later he was diagnosed and battled four different kinds of cancer and congestive heart failure. Through all of his heartaches and troubles, he has continued to minister through his music to millions of people and serve as pastor of Christ Memorial Church in Pacoima California.

He said one day while praying and asking the Lord why he took his mother, he strong felt God encouraging him to praise Him {the Lord}. “He could almost hear God’s voice saying, “You’ve written a lot of songs I’ve given you about praise and worshipping me in things, not for things, but in things.”

Like a petulant child, Crouch admits he refused at first, praying “I cannot praise You going through this. I cannot do it. I don’t feel like it.” But after struggling inwardly for a half-hour or so, he finally gave in. “I just started saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus,’ and ‘I praise you, Jesus.’ And then I felt strength come like a gushing well. The joy of the Lord came in the room and filled my soul. And probably for four hours I was praising God and jumping and praising God.”…Through that experience Crouch says he learned a valuable lesson, “If depression comes for anything, learn to praise Him. I know I’ve written a whole bunch of songs about that, but I learned it myself. It’s incredible—the power of praise.”

Andráe Crouch said “Many of the songs I’ve written speak to me as far as telling me the process of how to get through things. ‘Through It All’ in particular, lets me know you have a lot of experiences in life and you must learn to trust Jesus.”

To have become such a well known songwriter and artist, Crouch has no formal training and overcame stuttering as a child. He continues to struggle with dyslexa.

His songs have been sung by Christian and secular artist alike including Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Madonna, Vanessa Williams, Barbara Mandrell, Paul Simon, Whitney Houston, Michael W. Smith, Diana Ross and Vanessa Williams, just to name a few. He has worked on musical scores and been nominated for an Academy Award for films such as The Lion King, The Color Purple and Free Willy. He has also performed for dignitaries around the world.

Some of his other well known songs include The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power, Jesus is the Answer, My Tribute and Bless His Holy Name.

Do you praise God in the trials and rough times of life?


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