Eyewitness to Easter: Thomas, the Disciple and Twin

We’ve been viewing the Eyewitnesses to Easter and have discussed Mary, Mary Magdalene, Peter, John and Judas view points so far.  Thomas was one of Jesus disciples and an eyewitness to his ministry, arrest and death.  However, he is best known to us as doubting Thomas for his doubts when Jesus was raised from the grave.  Before we get to this monumental moment, let’s look at what else we know about Thomas.

The name Thomas means twin and is a Greek name.

Did the disciple Thomas have a twin?  We are told twice in the book of John he is also known as Didymus which means a twin or double.  So, it seems very likely he may have been a twin.

In the Message version, we are told That’s when Thomas, the one called the Twin.  {John 11:16}. 

So, who was Thomas twin? Where was he?

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