Behind the Hymn: There’s Power in the Blood

There is Power in the Blood is a great old hymn about the power of Christ blood.

The hymn was written in 1889 by Lewis Edgar Jones.

Lewis Jones was born on February 8, 1865 in Yates City, Illinois.

Jones was attending a camp meeting at Mountain Lake Park, MD when he wrote his most popular hymn. One can imagine it was a powerful time and experience as he basked in Jesus love and sacrifice.

Lewis Jones was a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute and graduated in the same class as Billy Sunday. He would work for the YMCA. Over his career there, he held a variety of positions. His hobby was hymn writing and his best known is “There is Power in the Blood”.

The hymn first appeared in Songs of Praise and Victory and later, Gospel Praises both in 1899.

Jones daughter provided a number of pseudonyms he published his hymns under. A few of these include Lewis Edgar, Edgar Lewis, and Mary Slater.

Lewis Jones died on September 1, 1936 in Santa Barbara, California.

Over 100 years later, the song message of the song still serves as a powerful reminder of Jesus sacrifice for us.


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