Movie Review: The Young Messiah

The movie The Young Messiah, is based on the book Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt, by Anne Rice.

The story is based on historical information of what life may have been like for Jesus as a young man.the young messiah

In the story, Jesus is seven years old.  He recognizes he has powers and can heal, but isn’t sure why or what to do about it.  Satan often appears to him and works to tempt him.  Joseph has a dream that King Herod the Great is dead and he should return to Nazareth.  However, Roman soldiers are hearing reports of the boy child that can kill.  Herod the Great son, now King Herod, is desperate to have this child killed.  He sends Severus {played by Sean Bean} to kill the child.

Jesus parents believe he is too young to understand his miraculous birth and the truth of his parentage.  They seek to hide these truths from him.  In the meantime, Jesus is seeking answers to discover the secrets everyone is keeping from him.  He seeks out to find the answers and uncover who he is.

The story was well crafted and very interesting.  At times the story seemed to drag a wee bit, but overall the movie is very good and enjoyable.  For an idea of what Jesus life may have been like as a child, I strongly recommend this movie. The film is historically accurate, is profusely original, has heartfelt moments, and contains moments of drama and action in the story.

Have you seen The Young Messiah?

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