Behind the Song: The Savior is Waiting

This hymn was written by Ralph Carmichael in the mid-1950s.

Ralph Carmichael

Ralph Carmichael

Mr. Carmichael shares that his pastor, Lester Harnish, requested he write a new hymn to be used as an invitation each night for the upcoming revival.  This revival was scheduled to last for two weeks and would be sung at the end of the sermon.

At the beginning of the revival a ladies trio would step forward to sing the hymn.  By the end of the revival the words were printed in the church bulletin for the congregation to sing.

Dr. Bob Pierce, of World Vision, had attended a meeting and called him one day.  World Vision was planning a month long revival in Japan and asked Mr. Carmichael if he would serve as music director.  He requested that The Savior is Waiting be used each night as the invitational hymn.

Numerous ministers attended these revival meetings and requested permission to take a copy of the hymn back to their home churches.  Soon request came flooding in to include the song in numerous hymnals.

This song is an example of how God can take something that is meant for intimate use and give it a worldwide impact.


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