Sons in the Bible: The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal son left all behind to enjoy the good life until nothing was left and the pig ate better than he.

In the story of the Prodigal son, we do not told his name.  This well-known story is based on a parable of Jesus.

In the parable, there is a father with two sons. The younger son ask for his inheritance, which the father grants his request.

The younger son leaves home and squanders his fortune to the point of destitution. When he realizes the pigs eat better than him, he returns home empty handed. His intention is to beg his father to accept him as a servant.

However, the father is watching for him and waiting for him to return home. The father runs to greet him and welcomes him home with a celebration and fanfare.

He returned home to his father’s welcoming arms

The older son is envious and jealous, but the father reminds him one day he will inherit everything, and they should celebrate his brother who was lost and is now found.

This is the last of a trio of parables Jesus told about lost items being returned—the lost sheep and lost coin are the other two.

Jesus was speaking of his own father, the Lord our God.  He is waiting on sinners to return home and repent and he will throw a great banquet to welcome us home.  When we join him in heaven, we will join his kingdom and the inheritance he has for us.

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