Book Review: The Incredible Story of You

Incredible Story of YouThe Incredible Story of You is a reminder that we all have a story and a purpose in life.  However, we cannot allow our past or even our present to define us.

Bradley Keen reminds the reader that life is short and we only have this one life to make a difference.  He provides thought provoking questions and assignments at the end of each chapter to really make the reader think and dig deeper into themselves.

He discusses how to use the past skill set and experiences to lead to a better future.  He uses scripture to encourage and remind the reader that s/he is not alone and God can restore lives.

Whether you are working to overcome the past, seeking your purpose, or just longing to have more in your life I strongly recommend this book.  This is a hands on guide that will help encourage you to work towards having a better life. The skill set is here to help the reader seeking these questions and so much more along the way.

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