Wellness Tuesday: The Fight to Get Healthy

Last week I shared about my battle with gaining weight and how antidepressants led to a significant weight gain.  I want to continue the story with my struggle to get healthy.

Over the course of the next few years I had many ups and downs as I dealt with a divorce, living with family, caring for my grandparents and returning to college.  Often food was my comfort through these difficult times.

walking             I did continue to walk, however.  Sometimes I walked faithfully and other times I did not.

After I returned to college and was living on my own, money was often tight and I didn’t always eat the healthiest meals due to my budget.

Halfway through my college life, I decided that it was time to get healthy.  I was nearing 200 pounds and tired of being overweight.  That summer I worked very hard to change my eating habits, as well as to exercise.  I easily get bored with the same exercises but I would mix up doing jumping jacks, squats and other toning exercises in my apartment.

The apartment complex where I lived also had a swimming pool and I love to swim.  I would swim laps each evening in the pool.  I also continued to walk on a daily basis.  swimming

I’ll admit that this wasn’t always easy, but I was dedicated to this new, healthier lifestyle.  Before the year was out I’d lost over 40 pounds.  I was felt so much better both inside and out about myself.

I was very optimistic about my weight loss and that I’d soon be at my ideal weight again.

Have you lost a significant amount of weight?  How did you accomplish this?


Next week: How an injury derailed my weight loss journey




The Fight to Get Healthy

How I lost 40 pounds before gaining it back 

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