Book Review: Romancing the South by Yvonne Lehman

Romancing the South contains two wonderful books by Yvonne Lehman.  After Yvonne’s passing, her daughter, Lori Marett, and Eva Marie Everson labored to update these two stories while maintaining the heart of the story and the Southern Charm. In Somewhere a Rainbow Brooke faces the challenge of rebuilding her life by renting a cottage on Hilton Head Island. There she […]

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Remembering Those that Perished At Sea

Titanic survivors in lifeboats awaiting rescue

These were people living out their everyday life. In third class, most of the passengers were emigrants headed to the New World in hopes of a better life. In second class, we had what today would be considered the average, middle class person. First class was filled with the opulence of grandeur. The most elite and richest people were on […]

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