Hymn Story: Sweet and Clear the Birds are Singing

This is a new hymn to me, but I discovered it working on another project and was intrigued.  Sadly, I’ve not been able to discover much about the origin of the hymn.

Frederick Bullard

Frederick Bullard

The hymn, Sweet and Clear the Birds are Singing, first appeared in print in 1919, in the Hymnal for American Youth.  The lyricist is unknown for his beautifully flowing words.

The music was written by Frederick F. Bullard in 1902.  His tune is titled Canticles.

Bullard was born on September 21, 1864 in Boston, Massachusetts.  He died shortly after writing this melody on June 24, 1904 in Boston.

I find it a shame this song is not better known and sung in churches, especially around Easter Sunday.  Part of the reason it may not be any better known is because it is a very fast song.

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