Sons in the Bible: Sons of Amram

Amram was the grandson of Levi and husband to Jochebed.

Moses and Aaron

The couple had three children, two of which were sons. What we know of the men are more as brothers and leaders, than as sons.

Aaron was their oldest son and helped his brother, Moses, confront the Egyptian king.  He originally acted as Moses assistant.  He, along with Hur, held up Moses arms during the battle of Amalek.  Aaron and his descendants were appointed by God as the priest and anointed by Moses. 

He also has a leading role in several conflicts, including making a golden calf, his sons being burned by fire for offering a strange incense, being challenged by Korah, and at one point joining with his sister, Miriam, to complain against their brother, Moses. Aaron was 123 when he died and his son, Eleazer, succeeded him as high priest.

Aaron and Hur held Moses arms up

We meet Moses as an infant when the sons of the Israelites are supposed to be killed.  Instead his parents hid him and then his sister put him in a basket in the river where Pharaoh’s daughter finds him and raises him.  After becoming an adult, he flees after killing an Egyptian.  The Lord appears to him in a burning bush and calls him to deliver the Israelites from slavery. He appears before Pharaoh and produces miracles, but the Lord sends plagues until Pharaoh relents.

Moses leads the Israelite’s out of Egypt to Mount Sinai where he receives the ten commandments. However, when he sees the golden calf which was built he smashes the commandments and is not allowed to enter the promised land for this reason.  He leads the children of Israel through the wilderness and is able to view the promise land, but not enter before his death.

Moses often spends time with the Lord and is said to have to cover his face because it shines so brightly when he comes down from the mountain.

What is clear is the Lord had a purpose for these sons {and their sister Miriam} and he gave them to parents who taught them to love and fear the Lord.  Their parents kept Moses hidden and protected him as an infant and when they had no choice but find a solution, the Lord protected him and watched over him.

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