Seeing Through the Lies






From the moment I met my husband, he told me lies.  When I realized this many years later, I was angry.  I was angry at him for lying to me, but I was angry at myself for not seeing through his lies.

Do you know of someone that spins webs of lies?

Some of the lies were easy to discover.   Lies such as:

  • –I was in the Navy Seals {although he was only 18 at the times}
  • –I wrote this book, starred in this movie, etc. {but he couldn’t tell me anything about the story or inspiration}
  • –I am a lawyer {but there was no office to visit}

Then there were other lies that were more difficult to discern.  Lies that included:

  • –I’m a Christian. {Only after a few years did I see the truth of that there was no love for God in this man}
  • –My family is {fill in the blank} {For me, it was why can I never meet them in person and why do those I know dispute what you are saying}
  • –My accomplishments are {fill in the blank} {Why is there no proof other than your word}


Walk in truth and not lies

Getting to know a person takes time and means not jumping into a marital or sexual relationship the moment we’ve met.  But, that is so much easier said than done at times.

However, it takes time to get to know a person.  To discover if what they are telling us is true or not.  Yet, it also means learning one another’s values, morals, fruits, heart, work ethic, treatment of family and friends and so many other virtues.

1 John 3:18 says,” Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed or in truth”.

Is the person in your life full of talk and words or truths and deeds?

Do not allow yourself to fall into the spiders web

If you see someone full of words and talk, but not backed up with deeds then ask yourself about the things this person is telling you.  Are you seeing through the lies?  Is this someone you want as a permanent part of your life?

What does your life reflect about words and deeds?


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