Salt in the Wound


There are individuals that I love dearly, but often spending time together is the same as pouring salt in the wound.

My heart is reminded of all that I do not have and long for and the pain wells up inside, screaming to be released.

I find myself pouring my heart out to the Lord, knowing that I cannot change my desires or my circumstances any further than I already have.  Only the Father can minister to these pains and longings for fulfillment.

Why He has not seem fit to provide these desires only He knows.  But I pray and ask Him, to please not let me take my brokenness out on these loved ones.

Still, there are times when the emptiness and pain is still there, ebbing and flowing the same as the waves of the ocean.

Psalm 107:29 says, “He calmed the raging storm, and the waves became quiet.”

Just as the Lord calms the raging storm and the waves quieten, so can He calm my broken heart.  He alone can provide a salve for the salt in the wounds. 

How has the Lord provided a salve for your wounds?


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