PureFlix Review

Are you searching for a streaming device that has good quality programming in which you do not have to worry about curse word, sex scenes and a variety of other concerns?

Then you may want to check out PureFlix.

PureFlix is a Christian and inspirational streaming device, along the lines of Netflix and many other streaming devices.

PureFlix is very easy to use.  The sign up is very easy and straight forward.

With PureFlix you do not have to worry about the selections and if they will have objectionable language or actions.

PureFlix has a wide variety of family-friendly programming.  There are plenty of Christian movies to choose from, kids programming, documentaries, Christian concerts, short episodes, sermons, biographies, and TV Series {such as Highway to Heaven, Bibleman, The Hardy Boys, The Little Rascals and Heartland} from which to choose.

PureFlix can be streamed from your computer, iPad or ROKU.

PureFlix Sampling

It is very easy to scroll through the various selections and to read about each video or series and what the show is about.

I discovered on a couple of movies that have concerns where there was a guide at the bottom of the website which provides detailed information on any scenes of concern and how much {if any} language, sex, violence, and nudity were in the show.  There is also the age recommendation provided.

The cost is very reasonable and on par with other streaming networks.  You can subscribe for $99/year or $10.99/month.

If you are looking for an inspirational streaming network that you do not have to worry about what the children, teens and other family members in your life are watching then you may want to check out PureFlix.

Click here for a free month trial of PureFlix.


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