Pulling Away from Our Abuser

I recently heard in a sermon that when we hold on to something to tightly than we begin to smoother it, that thing begins to loosen itself and slowly slip away. There are many things in life {our goals, dreams, past, anger, finances, etc.} that this can relate to. However, I realized this is so true when it comes to an abusive relationship.

Usually one person begins to hold on too tightly and control the other person, whom the first person claims to love. Yet, the rein becomes so tight that the other person cannot take the pressure and stand it any longer. Slowly, that person begins to shut down and not care and slip away from the hold the other person has on them.

God knows what he has in store for us

If someone has too tight of a control on us, our human nature is to struggle to shake it free. As human beings, we do not want to be controlled. The only person we should be willing to submit to is the spirit of God because He knows the plans He has for us and they are for our good. {Jeremiah 29:11}

Is there someone asserting too much control on your life?

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