Preparing for Change

In just a few days we will ring in a New Year.

With a New Year, arrives new hopes, new dreams, new resolutions, and new promises.

Ringing in the New Year means new hopes and dreams...

Ringing in the New Year means new hopes and dreams…

Whether you make resolutions or not, we all hope to improve or better something about ourselves.

For me, it is finding different ways and strategies to work on my goal towards health and wellness.  For you, the hopes and plans you have might be different from mine but they are not any more important.

However, we can’t just say “I want x,y,z…”  I’ve done that before and had no results.

No, to make these dreams bear fruit and come to fruition we have to develop a plan about how we’re going to reach these goals.  For me that has included research, list, seeking help and an inspiration board.

God can't help us when we can't help ourselves

God can’t help us when we can’t help ourselves

However, to make change in my life I’ve discovered that I cannot bring change without the help of seeking God and prayerfully asking for His help.  I’ve discovered God can help me and prepare me when I can’t help or prepare for myself.

Proverbs 24:27 says, “Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.”

We have to prepare for the new goals and resolutions.  We have to ready ourselves, our hearts, our mindset and our circumstances.  Then we can begin working on building on those dreams and making the changes that are needed.

How are you preparing to meet your resolutions?

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