Patience in the Change

I have been honest about my struggles to lose weight.  It is not easy and while I have lost about fifteen pounds it is very frustrating when I have so much further to go.

Many of us struggle to lose weight, but we can beat it!

At times I feel as if I’m on a yo yo and I will put on a pound or two and then take off a pound or two.

I have tried all manners of methods to lose weight but time and again I have failed.

But, I have found one fail safe solution.  That is to seek God and to turn each struggle over to him.

I have been amazed in how many layers and struggles there are in this weight loss journey.  Sometimes I think I will have conquered a situation or trigger, only for it to creep up again months later in another way.  Once again, I have to dig deep and through the layers, but it is worth the effort.

While I am not seeing a lot of changes on the scale, I am noticing considerable changes in numerous other ways.  My thought process, my actions and my habits are changing.

On my last doctor’s visit, I was reminded that this is not a sprint to the finish line, but a slow race.  After all, the old saying slow and steady wins the race.

We all know how the tortoise beat the hare, but that is because the tortoise continued to the finish line when the hare stopped to rest.  The same is true for me in this journey.  The small changes begin to add up so that I can win the race in the end.

However, God is also working to teach me patience and self-discipline along my journey.  Neither one of which has been my greatest virtues.

The apostle Paul wrote that we should “let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.”  {Romans 12:12}

So, even when I stumble and struggle, I will continue to put one foot in front of the other, be patient with the results and seek and pray God at all times.

Do you struggle to be patient in the changes of your life?


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