Song Story: The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference

This is another Gaither song, that Daddy and I have performed many times over the years.  I love the message of this song.

The Old Cross Made the Difference

The Old Cross Made the Difference

In her book, Something Beautiful, Gloria Gaither tells the story behind writing this song.  This song was not inspired by one man, or even two men.  No, this beautiful song was inspired by four men.

Gaither tells the story of a man she knew, who was bitter and angry at home.  He took his pain out on his family.  However, one day he feels the tug of God at a church singing.  Halfway through the singing, the performer shares his own testimony which reminds him of his own life.  He’s not ready to turn his life over then, but months later at another singing {with the same performer} he bows his head and gives his life to Christ.

Gaither shares the story of two other men she knew.  One is angry, hateful and pushes everyone away.  At his funeral, few are there to pay their respects.  The other man is very much loved, who lived a life of integrity based on his word.  His funeral was overflowing with not just people, but stories of the impact he’d made.

These four lives intersected to form the song The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference.

I encourage you to read Something Beautiful for the full details on each of these four men.

Which of these men are you?  How has the cross made a difference in your life?

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