In the Struggle: My Choice

For years I have struggled with my weight.   I would take one step forward and five steps back.   I seemed to be making more changes inside of myself, than on the outside.

When I began First Place 4 Health, I knew I had so many more changes to make and wondered if I’d ever find the success I was looking for.

I did not realize how God was going to work in my life.  In the end it all came down to one simple choice for me.I Choose health

I was reading my Bible study, memorizing my scripture verses, recording my food choices and attending my meetings, but something was still missing.  I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong and why everything was such a struggle.

I Choose Jesus              Then I was asked to sing.  I debated and prayed over what to sing, before God revealed the song to me.   This is a song I’ve sung numerous times, but this time I was publicly making my statement of faith. I made my choice to believe and trust in God.

The chorus says: “I choose to believe that you are faithful and my heart is in your hands.  And this mystery I face today is part of a greater plan.  I choose not to get discouraged when the sun will not break forth.  I have the choice of trusting you, so this is what I choose.”

In making that profession of faith publicly, I began to see numerous changes in my health and eating choices.  My desire for many of the junk food I craved disappeared.  I even began to enjoy walking and exercising.

I still have a long way to go before I attain my goals.  There are issues in my life that I don’t understand.  However, I choose to trust God.

What do you choose?

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