Music Review: The Ball Brothers

the ball brothers

the ball brothers

If you watch the Gaither’s Homecoming Series, you may recognize the Ball Brothers.  For me their performance at church on Sunday was my introduction to this amazing group.   The group started out with four brothers.  As of this time two of the brothers, Stephen and Joshua,  have left the group to pursue other ministry opportunities.  The remaining two Ball brothers are Daniel and Andrew.  Daniel is the cutup of the group. He and Andrew play beautifully off of one another in entertaining their audience.  The group has been rounded out with Andy, a lifetime family friend the brothers grew up with and Chad, another family friend who is dating their sister.  On the piano is Cody, their brother-in-law.The Ball Brothers

Cody tears the piano up and makes it sing in the process.  I can only dream of tickling the ivories the way Cody does.

The Ball Brothers motto is “Music that Spans the Generations,” and it is true.  They have a variety of styles that they do from the crooners, to pop, to blue grass to country, to good old southern gospel classics.  Regardless of your age, there is something there for you.   All of their songs are beautiful arrangements that have one theme: the Love of God.   These men beautifully complement one another in their harmonies, song selection and banter.  When they sing, you can see the love they have for God shine on their face, as they praise his name.

Chad is powerful on his solo of “Beulah Land”.  The group does a killer job on one of my favorites, “Glory to God in the Highest.”

I strongly encourage you to check out their CDs.  You will love their music and the ministry they carry of sharing the gospel.   If your church hosts them for a concert, I guarantee that you will be moved.  You can’t help but to tap your foot, clap your hands and sway along to the various styling’s that they offer.  I promise that you will leave with your heart full and knowing that you’ve just spent the last hour worshiping the Lord.



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