Music acts like a magic key

Maria Augusta von Trapp said “Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”

music is a key

music is a key

The Sound of Music is based on the life of Maria von Trapp. She and her family fled Nazi torn Austria in the height of World War II and made their way to America, where they traveled as the Trapp Family Singers before settling down in Stowe, Vermont.

If you’ve watched the movie, you will remember that after the death of his first wife, Captain Georg von Trapp had shut himself down from all those around him including his seven children.

music brought healing to the Trapp Family

music brought healing to the Trapp Family

Slowly, Maria, a young novice from the local abbey, won their hearts while she was their as a governess to the Captains children.

Maria used her love for music to draw the children out of their shells. Eventually, that love of music spread to the Captain.

Over time the Captain admitted his love for the young governess and they were married. {If you’ve read the books you know Maria said she married him because of her love for the children and fell in love with the Captain after their marriage.}

The Sound of Music is a story of healing

The Sound of Music is a story of healing

Music was the magic key that unlocked these hearts and brought about the healing of this hurting family.

While The Sound of Music is a loose adaptation of the family’s true story, the power of music to heal the family is not.

Many books and movies express the magic key music has to unlock a locked heart.

This was one reason The Sound of Music remains so popular, even fifty years after it’s release.

How has music woven it’s magic in your life?




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