Moving from Anger to Forgiveness

I was angry when I left my abusive relationship. I was angry at myself and at my abuser.
I didn’t want to forgive him. Not after all he’d put me through.
But I knew I could not allow the anger to eat away at me.
I couldn’t forgive him at first, but I chose to forgive. At first it was an intentional decision.
I would repeat “I forgive you” even though I didn’t mean it. I’d confess that I didn’t mean it to the Lord and ask for His help. In time saying “I forgive you” became easier and I realized slowly that I meant it.
As I let go of the anger and hurt, I began to feel the boiling point within myself diminish.
Forgiving my abuser made no difference to him. He would continue to remain self-centered and abusive towards others.
But forgiving released the hold he had on me in my mind and heart. It allowed me to let go and move on.
Jesus told us ““But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you.” {Luke 6:27}

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