Movie Review: The Song

the songI had the privilege of seeing an early review of a movie that released on Friday, September 26.

Do you get confused at time reading the Song of Songs?  Do you wish you could see what he is saying?

Well, with The Song, you can!  The song is a modern day interpretation on the life of King Solomon.

Jed, is the son of David King, and follows in his father’s footsteps pursing a music career.  He struggles to move out of his father’s shadow.  At a local vineyard harvest festival, he meets the vineyard owner’s daughter, Rose.  Romance quickly blooms and the couple is married.

Shortly after their marriage, Jed writes a song for Rose, describing his love for her.  The song becomes an overnight success and thrust him into the limelight to pursue his dream.  While he’s living the life he always dreamed of, his marriage begins to suffer.

When Shelby Bale joins his tour, Jed is tempted in various ways.  He betrays his vows to Rose, struggles with substance the song 2abuse and tries to run from his own conscience.  When Rose discovers his infidelity, his downfall spirals out of control.

Will Jed decide to continue to spiral out of control and live a life of the world or will he make things right with his family?  What will his decisions cost him?

The Song includes beautiful music, including the title song.

Alan Powell, who plays Jed, is one of the members of the band Anthem Lights.

I believe it won’t be long before we hear “The Song” {title song of movie} played on radio’s across the country and requested for weddings.

While this is a Christian movie, it is definitely not for children.  This would make a great date night movie, but is not a movie that children and young teens should be taken to.

from the song                While there is no foul language there are sexual references and themes dealing with adultery and substance abuse.

The situations presented are very realistic and heart wrenching at times, paralleling modern day life.

The Ecclesiastes 3 passage, For Everything there is a Season, as well as passages from Song of Songs and Proverbs are quoted throughout the film.  These passages parallel what is happening in the film and are brought to life with the action.

I enjoyed the movie and found it to be very relatable to life and the challenges and temptations we all face.   I would recommend this to couples, but encourage you to find a baby sitter for your children.

This is also a great resource churches and recovery groups could use in their studies.  The Song even has a Bible Study that goes can be purchased and used in a small group setting.

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