Mother’s Day Song: That’s Someone You Never Forget

Our mothers help mold us into the people we become and is someone we never forget. As we celebrate our mother’s today, it seems a wonderful time for this song story.

“That’s Someone You Never Forget” was written by Elvis Presley and his bodyguard, Red West. Presley came up with the idea and title himself. It is believed that the song was inspired by his mother who died in 1958.

West recalled “‘That’s Someone You Never Forget’ was a title that came from Elvis. He said, ‘How about coming up with a song with the title of “That’s Someone You Never Forget”?'” Elvis and West agreed that Elvis would receive a co-writing credit because of his contributions to the creation of the song.”

The song was copyrighted in May 1962 by Elvis Presley Music, Inc.

“‘That’s Someone You Never Forget’ is the last track on his album Pot Luck released in 1962. The song was also released as a single in 1967, on the B-side of “Long Legged Girl (With the Short Dress On)”.

Elvis also co-wrote “You’ll Be Gone” with West and Charlie Hodge in 1961.  These are his two endeavors into song writing.

Who is someone you will never forget?

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