Rebel to Redeemed: Mending Broken Relationship

By October, the relationship with Duncan had deteriorated and once again I attempted to leave.

I’d not talked with Mama in over three years.  I would call my aunt or grandmother about once a year to let them know I was still alive.  Otherwise, I’d not had any communication with any other family.

I’d told Duncan I was not coming back that morning.  The pressure was to a boiling point and I was done with all of it.

Old Relationships slowly began to be mended

Old Relationships slowly began to be mended

That morning I begged God for a sign and if I should try to make things work and move on with my life.   I had no idea he would send me not one, but two signs.

While reading an online devotional the passage said, “It I better to live on a corner of a roof than share a house with a contentious woman.” {Proverbs 25:24}.  I took that passage to heart and realized that was the sign I’d asked for.

I didn’t know that God was about to show out in a BIG way.

I was surprised when a co-worker told me there was a phone call for me.  When he told me my Mom was on the phone I didn’t believe him.  After all, we’d not spoken in three years.  My first thought was “Mary is playing a sick joke.”

Wearily, I answered the phone and it was Mama.  I was so surprised she’d been able to get my work phone number.  My heart was so broken I spilled out everything that had happened.

Instead of condemning me, she loved me.  Her words were “let’s leave the past in the past and move forward from here.”

We began to talk on a regular basis when I was at work.  I knew better than to contact her from Duncan and Mary’s house.

Sadly, in time I did return to Duncan and fell for his lies.  I had no idea that my time in hell was nearing an end.

*Name changed

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