Genealogy of Jesus: Mary, the Mother of Jesus

MaryLast week, we finished studying the life of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.   This week we are starting a new study on the women in the Genealogy of Jesus.  The five women mentioned by name are listed in the Genealogy account found in Matthew 1.

I am piggybacking this study onto the study of Mary.  With Mother’s Day just weeks away this seemed to be a good time to explore this study.  We are starting with Mary and working our way backwards.

The story of the angel appearing to Mary is found in Luke 1.  This is followed by Mary’s visit to her cousin, Elizabeth.  We are all familiar with the Christmas story found in Luke 2.

So what lessons can we learn from Mary, the Mother of Jesus.

  1. Mary was highly favored—after greeting Mary, the first thing the angel Gabriel said to her was that she was highly favored. Later he went on to
    Mary spoke a praise to God

    Mary spoke a praise to God

    say she had found favor with the Lord. Without us even being told it should be obvious that she was highly favored.  After all she was chosen as the mother of God’s son.

  2. The Lord was with Mary—Gabriel not only told Mary the Lord was with her, but he came upon her to conceive the Christ child.
  3. Mary was faithful—her response was “I am the Lord’s servant. May your word to me be fulfilled.”
  4. Mary was blessed beyond women—Elizabeth proclaimed this when they first me. Out of all of the women in the world, God chose the young Mary to bring His son into the world and care for Him while Jesus was on earth.
  5. She believed—Mary believed God would do what He said. She proclaimed this to the angel Gabriel and Elizabeth announced it when Mary arrived for their visit.

We may not be called on to mother the son of God, but we are still called on to serve God.  For each of us that calling is different, whether it is to raise a child{ren}, serve God in public ministry, support others in ministry, help the less fortunate or show God’s kind of love to others God is asking us to serve Him.

How do you serve God?



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