Mary Continued to Pray

Lift Your Needs to the Heavens
The Tomb is Empty

The Tomb is Empty

We last saw Mary at the crucifixion of Jesus.   She is mentioned one more time in scripture after this.

Jesus has died on the cross, been sealed in the tomb, and Easter Sunday has occurred.  The stone was rolled back to reveal that Jesus was alive.

Now he has walked with his disciples for 40 days and ascended into heaven.  We’re not told if Mary saw her son during this time, but if she was with the other believers than she most likely did.

The disciples have returned to Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, following Jesus ascension.


Acts 1:14 (KJV)

Jesus has ascended to heaven

Jesus has ascended to heaven

14 These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication, with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brethren.

They are all there together in prayer and Mary is with them.

Jesus is alive

Jesus is alive

This is the last mention of Mary in the scriptures.  Mary continues to be a believer and to accompany the disciples even after Jesus has ascended into heaven.

We know that her son, James, becomes a major church leader.

We do not know anything else about her life after this point, including when she died.

What we do know is that every reference to Mary points back to one person.  That is her son, Jesus.

I love the way the Four Gospels commentary states this point.  “Mary’s song, Mary’s encounter with Jesus in the temple, Mary’s intervention at the wedding . . . all the way to Mary at the cross and Mary with the earliest believers in Jerusalem — these scenes lead us to Jesus each and every time. Mary ought not to rob Jesus of his glory, for the mission of Mary in her own life was to witness to the glory of her Son.”

So what can we learn from the life of Mary, other than that she was the Mother of Jesus, the son of God.

Mary never stopped praying or believing. Her life all leads back to Jesus.

Mary never stopped praying or believing. Her life all leads back to Jesus.

  1. She was highly favored
  2. She had faith
  3. She did not question God, even when she did not understand
  4. She praised God
  5. She loved with her whole heart
  6. She pondered everything that happened in her heart and held it close. We know from the writings of the Gospels that she spoke often of Jesus as a child and the events of his birth.
  7. She wanted to protect those that she loved
  8. Her heart was broken
  9. She was a strong woman
  10. She loved God {and Jesus} with all her heart
  11. She was willing to be publically rebuked for the good of the kingdom
  12. She was willing to be moved out of her comfort zone and tested, but she remained faithful

What lessons have you learned from Mary?


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