Lessons from King David: King of Israel

The book of 1 Samuel ends with the death of both Saul and Jonathan. The two men die in battle together, opening the doors for David to become king.

Saul and his sons are killed in battle

2 Samuel opens with David learning of the death of Saul and Jonathan.

So, how does David react?

“In lament, David ripped his clothes to ribbons. All the men with him did the same. They wept and fasted the rest of the day, grieving the death of Saul and his son Jonathan, and also the army of God and the nation Israel, victims in a failed battle.” {2 Samuel 1:11-12}

David and all those with him mourn for the now dead king and his son and heir.

“Then David sang this lament over Saul and his son Jonathan, and gave orders that everyone in Judah learn it by heart.” {2 Samuel 1:17}

King Saul is killed

David is made king of the people of Judah and rules them from Hebron. Saul’s son, Ish-Bosheth, is made king over all Israel. {2 Samuel 2:8-11}

The two serve as respective kings of their nations for seven and a half years. {2 Samuel 2:11}

War eventually broke out between the House of Saul and the House of David. During this time “the longer it went on the stronger David became, with the house of Saul getting weaker.” {2 Samuel 3:1}

Even Ish-Bosheth own right hand man turns on him and vows to help David win this war. However, David’s first wife, Michal, becomes a pawn in the game. This provided David with

Saul and his sons are buried

the validation to become the rightful successor to Saul.

{But, Saul had given Michal to another husband after David fled. Michal is ripped from this man, whom seems to love her, and returned to David, who sadly does not seem to love her. For David, she is a means to an end.} {2 Samuel 3:13-16}

Ish-Bosheth is killed and as with Saul, David puts to death his murderers. {2 Samuel 4}

David is then crowned King of all of Israel {now united with Judah}.

David is anointed king

We are told that he became king at the age of thirty. We do not know how old he was when he was anointed by Samuel, but he was probably somewhere between thirteen and eighteen it seems as he is described as a youth.

So, God has been preparing David for his role as king for almost two decades.

“In Hebron he ruled Judah for seven and a half years. In Jerusalem he ruled all Israel and Judah for thirty-three years.” {2 Samuel 5:5}

So David ruled as king for forty years.

When David became king it is recorded that “God said to you, ‘You will shepherd my people Israel and you’ll be the prince.’” {2 Samuel 5:2}

“All the leaders of Israel met with King David at Hebron, and the king made a treaty with them in the presence of God. And so they anointed David king over Israel.” {2 Samuel 5:3}

So, David again pledged his allegiance to the Lord, when he was anointed king of Israel. He knew it was not of his power, but of the Lords.

What successes have you made that were of the Lord?


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