King David

David's life was transformed from a shepherd boy...

David’s life was transformed from a shepherd boy…

King David is one of the most interesting men in scripture.

He transforms from a young shepherd boy, to a confident teen that slays Goliath, into a man on the run for his life, and finally to the King of Israel.

He was anointed at a young age, but had to wait many years for that promise to be fulfilled.  He endured much combat in his lifetime and experienced life on the lamb when King Saul longed to kill him.

His romantic escapades were no less interesting. He married into the family of King Saul, took wives while on the run and later seduced the wife of one of his own soldiers.

While eight of his wives are mentioned by name, only three have their stories shared in scripture.  Each of these women play an integral part in David’s life, transformation from shepherd boy to king, as well as his spiritual journey.

...To King of Israel

…To King of Israel

The stories of his wives include lessons of unrequited love, love turning to hate, faithfulness, trust, seduction, murder and repentance.

The Messiah is mentioned as descending from the House of David or the royal line of David. Jesus descended on both his earthly father’s side and his mother’s side from the House of David.  David was a man who loved God with all his heart, but he was not without his faults and shortcomings.

We are told in scripture that David “was a man after God’s own heart.”  He was far from perfect, but he strived to seek God in all that he did.  There were even times when he prostrated himself before the Lord or danced with abandon in praise to the Lord.

In the coming weeks we will take a look at the lives and lessons from the wives of King David.

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