Hall of Faith: Joshua, was Encouraged

When Moses died, he handed his duties over to Joshua, who had been with him for a long

Joshua led the Israelite’s after Moses death


Joshua was mentored by Moses. He could not have asked for any better training than under Moses.

Joshua means “God {Yahweh} is my salvation”. We are told that Joshua is the son of Nun.

Moses charged Joshua with selecting and commanding a militia group in their first battle upon leaving Egypt. {Exodus 17}

Joshua was one of the spies Moses sent into Canaan. Only Joshua and Caleb were encouraged.

Later, Joshua was with Moses when he went up on Mount Sinai. Joshua was there and communed alongside Moses with God. The first time Moses received the Ten Commandments, Joshua was also there. Although not the second time, as the biblical text states ‘no man shall come up with you’. {Exodus 32-33}

When Moses sent twelve spies into the land of Canaan for a report, Joshua was one of those spies. Joshua and Caleb were the only two of the spies that provided an encouraging report. They were the only two of their generation to enter into the Promised Land. {Numbers 13-14}

When Moses died, God appointed Joshua as the new leader of the Israelites. The Lord blessed Joshua upon taking over the role of leadership and said “for Jehovah thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.” {Joshua 1:9}

Joshua was full of spirit and wisdom

Joshua sent spies into Jericho, the first city of Canaan. He then led the Israelites in the Battle of Jericho. If you remember the story of the Battle of Jericho, seven priest began the march around the city with seven trumps, followed by the Ark of the Covenant, and the people followed in marching around the city. Joshua commanded the people not to say a word until he gave the signal.

It’s hard enough to keep two to three people quiet, but you imagine keeping thousands upon thousands of people quiet?

For six days the marched around the city.

Joshua led the battle of Jericho

On the seventh day, Joshua gave the order for the people to shout and that only the harlot, Rahab, be spared. {Joshua 6}

“So the people shouted, and the priests blew the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, that the people shouted with a great shout, and the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city.” {Joshua 6:20}

The Israelites took the city and “ So Jehovah was with Joshua; and his fame was in all the land.” {Joshua 6:27}

The Israelite’s prepared for the Promised Land

When the Israelites were defeated in their battle against Ai, it was revealed that Achan “took some devoted items”. Achan was stoned to death and then the Israelites won the battle against Ai.

Joshua went on the forge an alliance with some of the other Amorite kings. {Joshua 9}

When the Israelites were fighting at Gibeon, Joshua asked God for the “sun to stand still…until the nation had avenged themselves of their enemies” {Joshua 10:13}. We are told that “And there was no day like that before it or after it, that Jehovah hearkened unto the voice of a man: for Jehovah fought for Israel.” {Joshua 10:14}

Joshua led the Israelites to other victories, in which they secured much of the land of Canaan. When the Israelites gathered at Gilgal {Joshua 14} and Shiloh {Joshua 18}, he allocated the land among the tribes of Israel.

Joshua led the people

“So they made an end of distributing the land for inheritance by the borders thereof; and the children of Israel gave an inheritance to Joshua the son of Nun in the midst of them: according to the commandment of Jehovah they gave him the city which he asked, even Timnath-serah in the hill-country of Ephraim; and he built the city, and dwelt therein.” {Joshua 19:49-50}

Joshua die when he was 100 years old. {Joshua 23}

What can we learn from Joshua?

1. He worshiped God alongside Moses

Joshua followed Moses example

2. He was mentored by Moses

3. He was trusted for his military leadership

4. Joshua inherited Moses role

5. Joshua led the Israelites into the Promised Land

6. God blessed Joshua

7. Joshua called on God

Joshua began as a young man under the tutelage of Moses. He worshiped beside Moses and witnessed Moses speaking to God.

Joshua called on God

Joshua and Caleb were the only two of the twelve spies sent to the promised land that were encouraged. They were the only two to also enter into the promised land. Joshua continued to be encouraged in the battles to come. He was encouraged that God would provide and supply their needs.

Joshua grew into a role of leadership and took over when Moses died.

Joshua led the Israelites in the Battle of Jericho and even beseeched God to leave the sun in the sky until the battle was over. A request God honored only for Joshua.

This request alone shows the faith Joshua had in the Lord and is one reason why he is in the Hall of Faith.

How does the Lord encourage you?


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