John, Preparing the Passover Meal

We know John is one of Jesus inner circle, along with his brother James and Simon Peter.

James and John have been renamed the Sons of Thunder and we explored the power in their words last week.

Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem, where they will celebrate the Passover meal.

“Jesus sent Peter and John and said, “Go and get this special supper ready for us that we may eat.”   {Luke 22:8}

“The preparation that was made for Christ’s eating the passover with his disciples, upon the very day of unleavened bread, when the passover must be killed according to the law.”  {Matthew Henry’s Commentary}

This was a meal, which had to be planned and executed.  Jesus needed someone to go and prepare the room and meal for him, so he sent Peter and John.  As we know from our study, they were two of the three of his inner circle.

The Passover meal is known as the Seder. There is an order to the seder and to what is served.

Where did Jesus go while the men prepared the Passover seder?

 “It is probable that he went to the temple to preach in the morning, when he sent Peter and John another way into the city to prepare the passover. Those who have attendants about them, to do their secular business for them in a great measure, must not think that this allows them to be idle; it engages them to employ themselves more in spiritual business, or service to the public. “   {Matthew Henry’s Commentary}

Jesus knew there was a greater purpose for the Passover meal.  He was going to fulfill the purpose of His father for all mankind.

“Jesus was resolved in his purpose. He had already planned for the supper. He knew that he was going to suffer, and he was determined to follow that destiny.”   {Asbury Bible Commentary}

Jesus went to the cross as the sacrificial lamb for our sins

Even though the disciples did not know or understand, Jesus knew he was about to replace the Passover lamb. He talked of his blood which would be poured out and shed.

“The account of the Last Supper links Jesus’ death with the sacrifices for the Passover, the sin offering, and the covenant. The description of the supper as a Passover meal suggests that he effected a new Passover deliverance, not from Egypt but from sin. His statement that his body was “given for you” and his blood was “poured out for you”  implies that he was a sacrificial offering for sin, like the Servant in Isa 53:12. His reference to the new covenant in [his] blood indicates that his death ratified the new covenant of Jer 31:31-34, just as a sacrifice had ratified the covenant at Sinai (Ex 24:1-8).”  {Asbury Bible Commentary}

There was much the disciples did not understand when Jesus spoke, but by that evening his words were becoming clearer. The disciples were living witnesses to the crucifixion and death of Jesus.  However, before the Passover meal ended, Jesus left the men with a command.

“After the institution of the supper Jesus exhorted his disciples to be servants, even as he was a servant.“  {Asbury Bible Commentary}

Are you a servant for the Lord?

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