John, part of the Inner Circle

Jesus has called his twelve disciples, however of these men he has a closer, more intimate inner circle.  He has three with whom he is very close.

These men often go with him when the other men do not.  Why these men?

Scripture doesn’t tell us.

Maybe they hit it off better than the others.  We have some friends we are close with and it is easy to be with than others.

However, as we will look at later in this study, John, Peter and James were part of the foundation of the Christian church after Jesus death, resurrection and ascension to heaven.

But, let’s go back.  How do we know Jesus was close with these men and they were part of his inner circle?

“Six days later Jesus took with Him Peter and James and his brother John. He led them up to a high mountain by themselves.”    {Matthew 17:1}

Jesus goes up to the mountain to pray and only takes Peter, James and John with him. Scripture tells us his “face changed and became bright as the sun”. He is seen talking with Moses and Elijah and his clothes are white as light. Peter wants to built altars to the three men, when God passes in a cloud and says, “This is My much-loved Son, I am very happy with Him. Listen to Him!”

The three men fall on their face and are afraid, until Jesus puts a hand on them and says, “Do not be afraid”.  On the way down the mountain, he tells the three men not to tell anything they saw until after he is raised from the dead.  {Matthew 17:1-9}

This is not the only time these three men witness amazing and miraculous sights.

Jesus and his inner circle

“He allowed no one to go with Him but Peter and James and John, the brother of James.”   {Mark 5:37}

Jesus goes to the house of a worship leader to heal his daughter.  He only takes Peter, James and John with him when he goes in and heals the young girl.

These men have seen Jesus perform miracles, but they are the only ones present for this miracle.

However, this won’t be the only miracle they witness.

“Jesus went into the house. He let only Peter and James and John and the father and mother of the girl go in with Him.”   {Luke 8:51}

Jesus goes in to heal the daughter of Jarius, but only allows Jarius and his wife go with him and his inner circle.

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