Hymn Story: Jesus Loves Even Me

Philip Bliss attended a service where the hymn O How I Love Jesus was sung repeatedly.

After the service, he remarked, “Have I not been singing enough about my poor love for Jesus and shall I not rather sing of His great love for me?”

He sat down and quickly composed this hymn, which soon became a favorite of both children and adults. 

Bliss had an exceptional gift for hymn writing composing the music of other favorites such as Almost Persuaded; Hallelujah, What a Savior; Wonderful Words of Life; Hold the Fort; and the music for It Is Well with My Soul.

His colleague, George C. Stebbins said “There has been no writer of verse since his time who has shown such a grasp of the fundamental truths of the gospel, or such a gift for putting them into a poetic and singable form.”

The song has become a favorite of children and adults around the world.

Jesus Loves Even Me became a song often used by Dwight L.  Moody in his crusades.

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