Jehonadab, father who left a legacy

The name Jehonadab means God is willing.

Jehonadab is first mentioned when he joined hands with Jehu in destroying the wicked family of Ahab.  {2 Kings 10:15-16}   He partnered to destroy and suppress the worship of Baal throughout Samaria. He is referred to as the son of Rechab.

His sons became known as the Rekabites.

Jeremiah says, ““Go to the Rekabite family and invite them to come to one of the side rooms of the house of the Lord and give them wine to drink.”  {Jeremiah 35: 1}

Jehonadab was from the family of Rekab.  While offered to come and celebrate he did not drink wine.

“He sets before them the obedience of the family of the Rechabites to the commands which were left them by Jonadab their ancestor, and how they persevered in that obedience and would not be tempted from it.”

“But they replied, “We do not drink wine, because our forefather Jehonadab son of Rekab gave us this command: ‘Neither you nor your descendants must ever drink wine.”  {Jeremiah 35:6}

The Lord commanded that Rekab and his descendants not drink wine. More commandments were provided about how they should live as nomads.

“His son, or a lineal descendant from him, was Jonadab, a man famous in his time for wisdom and piety. He flourished in the days of Jehu, king of Israel, nearly 300 years before this; for there we find him courted by that rising prince, when he affected to appear zealous for God.” {Matthew Henry Commentary}

“Also you must never build houses, sow seed or plant vineyards; you must never have any of these things, but must always live in tents. Then you will live a long time in the land where you are nomads.’ “  {Jeremiah 35:7}

The people were righteous and did all they had been commanded.  He also taught his children to follow these commands and walk with the Lord.  Even after Jehonadab was gone, his descendants spoke of the lessons learned.

“We have obeyed everything our forefather Jehonadab son of Rekab commanded us. Neither we nor our wives nor our sons and daughters have ever drunk wine 9 or built houses to live in or had vineyards, fields or crops. “  {Jeremiah 35:8-9}

“We have lived in tents and have fully obeyed everything our forefather Jehonadab commanded us.”   {Jeremiah 35:10}

They were pride of their heritage and obeying the Lord’s commands.

“Tents were mean dwellings, so that this would teach them to be humble; they were cold dwellings, so that this would teach them to be hardy and not to indulge the body; they were movable dwellings, so that this would teach them not to think of settling or taking root any where in this world.” {Matthew Henry Commentary}

The Lord told Jeremiah: “The descendants of Jehonadab son of Rekab have carried out the command their forefather gave them, but these people have not obeyed me.’”  {Jeremiah 35: 16}

Because they were obedient the Lord blessed them.

“ Then Jeremiah said to the family of the Rekabites, “This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ‘You have obeyed the command of your forefather Jehonadab and have followed all his instructions and have done everything he ordered.’ 19 Therefore this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says: ‘Jehonadab son of Rekab will never fail to have a descendant to serve me.’””   {Jeremiah 35:18-19}

“He assures the Rechabites of the blessing of God upon them for their pious obedience to their father.”  {Matthew Henry Commentary}

The Rekabites were obedient to their father and God blessed them for it.  For this reason we know Jehonadab as the father who left a legacy.

“The prophet knew very well they would deny it, and, when they did, urged it no further, for he saw they were stedfastly resolved. Those temptations are of no force with men of confirmed sobriety which yet daily overcome such as, notwithstanding their convictions, are of no resolution in the paths of virtue.” {Matthew Henry Commentary}

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