It is what it is by Kara Silvers

Dear Readers, I am excited to offer a treat I have been wanting to offer for a long time.  On Friday’s we will have guest speakers that will join us and share their hearts on a variety of subjects women deal with.  Our special guest will share their faith and how God has assisted them through these situation.  To kick off this new special, we have Kara Silvers.  She is here to share her heart and the lessons God has taught her on a subject near and dear to her heart.  I hope you will give her a warm welcome.   Welcome, Kara!

It is what it is………
by Kara Silvers

I often hear this saying and I use it a great deal also.  I really hate saying it, because I feel as though it is almost so final.  You are saying that something is what it is and basically you are saying that it cannot be changed.  What if you looked at it differently?  What if you looked at it as though there was a

God sees the big picture when we see our present circumstances

God sees the big picture when we see our present circumstances

possibility it could change?

It is not as it seems

I heard this saying and then I heard, BUT it is not as it seems.  It is not as it seems.  You see, we can look at our circumstances for what they are, but

they are not what they seem if we trust in God.


For example, we can live in a small town as a single person.  We can wonder how we will meet the right person.  We really don’t see anyone that we are interested in and we can do desperate things.  We can date people just to have dates or to settle and we can even do internet dating.  There is nothing wrong with giving someone a chance and internet dating, if you are feeling okay about it, but I am talking about point blank dating someone not good for you.  I am also talking about dating on the internet just because and not really wanting to do it. OR you can trust God for the impossible.

Nothing is impossible with God

Nothing is impossible with God

Pray and Trust God

things can turn aroundYou can pray and trust God to bring that person into your life when the time is right.  You can pray for guidance on your path and for Him to direct your steps.  If you are continually praying about this and believing His word and holding onto His promises, it can happen the right and best way.  That is when it is not what it seems comes into play.

We look at our circumstances with earthly eyes and we see what is not humanly possible.  It is not what it seems when we look at what God can do in the situation.  This is when it requires faith.  It requires faith to believe that God can change things and turn them around in His time.  That He can do what looks impossible for anyone on earth to do.


So the next time you hear the saying, “it is what it is”, you can think that might be true, but there is also another side to it.  It is not what it seems in the eyes of God and that is how we need to look at it also.



Kara Silvers

Kara Silvers


Kara Silvers is from a small town in Alabama.  She has been in the education field for years and has just now started her adventure in writing. She has a dog and cat and in her spare time, enjoys shopping, reading and working out.  She also enjoys yelling, “War Eagle” in the fall at football games for Auburn University.  More of her writing can be found on her blog at:

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