Song Story: It Is No Secret What God Can Do

It Is No Secret, was written by Craig Stuart Hamblen, who also wrote Until Then.

Hamblen was the son of a Methodist minister and is considered one of radio’s first “singing cowboys”.

He lived a life of “destructive behavior” before attending a Billy Graham crusade in 1949.

He met Rev. Graham when he appeared on Hamblen’s radio show. He was invited to attend a crusade and attended reluctantly.

Stuart Hamblen

Rev. Graham is reported to say “There is one man in this audience who is a big fake.” While many may have felt he was talking about them, Hamblen was sure he was talking about him.

Several days later he arrived at the pastor’s door at 2pm. He was drunk and demanded the pastor pray for him. Rev. Graham said “This is between you and God and I’m not going to get in the middle of it.” The two men spoke, as the gospel was shared, and about three hours later Stuart Hamblen gave his life to Christ.

Hamblen completed changed his life and ways, as he began to write Christian songs {with little success} and eventually lost his radio show when he refused to promote alcohol.

When a friend asked if it was true he’d changed his ways he replied ” it was no secret what God had done for him and what God could do for his friend, too.”

The friend said “That’s a catchy phrase. You should write a song about it.”

Hamblen tells the story behind one of his songs:

“I wrote the song one night, shortly after midnight. My wife and I had been visiting one of Hollywood’s most famous movie stars. We had gone over to his home just to fill him in on some of the things that had happened in his recent absence.”

“Somehow the discussion got around to how people can solve problems within themselves. I remember making a statement such as, ‘It’s no secret what God can do in a man’s life.’ About two hours later, as we were about to leave the actor’s home he said, ‘Stuart you ought to write a song about it is no secret what God can do. That is a beautiful thought.’”

“As we walked across the lawn, back to our house, I began to think about it. When we arrived at home I walked into the living room and sat down at the organ.

What do the chimes say to you?

Our hall clock began to “chime” the hour of midnight. I grabbed a pen and started writing, ‘The chimes of time ring out the news, another day is through’ and on and on until the song was finished. I then turned and glanced at the hall clock. It was only 17 minutes after midnight. I couldn’t believe it. I had never been able to write any musical composition in less than three or four hours. I thought the clock had stopped. I then looked and saw the big pendulum still swinging.”

So who was the friend?

Well, you’ll never believe it.

It was none other than John Wayne.

It Is No Secret {What God Can Do} was written and recorded in 1950.

John Wayne

The song reached #1 on the Gospel, Country and Pop charts.

Numerous performers have recorded the song including Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and George Beverly Shea.

The original manuscript to “It Is No Secet” is buried in the cornerstone of the Copyright Buildings of the Library of Congress.

The song is said to have been translated into more than 50 languages.

It Is No Secret {What God Can Do} has proven true, as the Lord has moved through this song proclaiming his promises.

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