Wellness Tuesday—How An Injury Derailed My Weight Loss Journey

I shared with you how I lost over 60 pounds by exercising and moving more.  I was on the course of success and excited about all of the progress I’d made.  By my estimation, I should be at my goal weight before the end of the year.

Then my journey was derailed.  I woke up one morning in such severe pain I could not move.  The next three days were the most painful of my life, as I lay in bed, waiting for the holiday weekend to end and praying for strength to make it to the bathroom when necessary.

As soon as the doctor opened the next day, an appointment was made and I forced myself to endure the pain while I drove there.   back pain

In short, I’d hurt my back.  The doctor stated plainly that it was due to all the excess weight in my breast {this is still a major problem}, but I also knew this was because I had somehow overdone it in exercising.

The next six months were spent on doing everything possible to get back to normal.  I saw a chiropractor on a regular basis to get my back straightened out.   More than 10 years later my back is still a major problem and I often cannot do all that I want to do.  Through a lot of trial and error, I’ve learned when to stop—at least most of the time.

Slowly over the months I cared for my back, weight slowly crept back on. The only exercise I was able to do for a long time was in the pool.

Then my life took another turn and with it so did my weight.

Has an injury ever derailed your weight loss plans?


Next week:  How domestic abuse derailed my weight loss journey



How An Injury Derailed My Weight Loss Journey

Back Pain Hinders Weight Loss

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