Song story: I Believe in A Hill Called Mt. Calvary

Corrie ten Boom

Corrie ten Boom

Corrie Ten Boom had an amazing testimony for Christ.  However, her faith and story came from the horrors of life that took place in Nazi Germany during World War II.   Ten Boom was the only one of her family to survive the concentration camps.

She later recalled a conversation she had with her father in which she could not imagine being a martyr.  Her father told her that God would give her the strength when the time came, if that was what he called her to go through.

I Believe in a Hill Called Mt Calvary

I Believe in a Hill Called Mt Calvary

Ten Boom also shared how she worked hard to learn to forgive those that had committed such atrocities.  One day after speaking she came face to face with the very S.S. Officer that had taunted her.  Unable to forgive the man in her own right, she prayed and God provided the strength to forgive the man.

Gloria Gaither wrote I Believe in A Hill Called Mt. Calvary with her husband, Bill Gaither, and musician Doug Oldham.  In her book Something Beautiful, she shares part of Ten Boom’s testimony and ends by saying “Faith must be…faith…believing is a chosen risk…but faith brings a response deep in our human spirits…”

How have you had to stand in faith?

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  • Elizabeth Searle

    I feel sad for those who ‘cling to the old rugged cross’. The cross is just a symbol of our Salvation.
    Rather cling to the Saviour! He never fails!

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