Hymn Story: We Praise Thee, We Bless Thee, Our Savior Divine  

Another hymn by Fanny Crosby is “We Praise Thee, We Bless Thee, Our Savior Divine.”

Over the course of her life, Crosby (1820-1915) wrote thousands of hymns and around eight thousand poems.  Many of her poems have not been set to music.  Much of her prose has been published in books of verses and poems including the 1844 “The Blind Girl, and Other Poems,” the 1849 “Monterey, and Other Poems,” the 1858 “A Wreath of Columbia’s Flowers” and the 1897 “Bells at Evening and other Verses.”

However, her gospel hymns continue to be her most popular and lasting text, and continue to minister to many even today.

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