Hymn Story: My Faith Looks up to Thee

My Faith Looks up to Thee was written by Ray Palmer. He was born in Rhode Island in 1808 and is often considered to be one of America’s best nineteenth-century hymn. He was a popular preacher and author, writing original poetry and translating hymns.

He wrote the hymn shortly after completing college while he was teaching in 1830. He said “I gave form to what I felt, by writing, with little effort, the stanzas. I recollect I wrote them with very tender emotion, and ended the last line with tears.”

Shortly thereafter he gave the hymn to Lowell Mason for use. The song was first published in the 1831 Spiritual Songs for Social Worship.

Dr. Mason used a tune called Olivet to marry to the words. The song has been used in numerous hymnals and church services and reminds us where to turn.

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