Hymn Story: Jesus Thy Blood and Righteousness

Jesus Thy Blood and Righteousness was written by Count Nicolaus Ludwig Zinzendorf, the founder of the religious community of Herrnhut and the apostle of the United Brethren. He was born at Dresden , Germany on May 26, 1700.

He resigned all his public duties of his noble birth and devoted himself to missionary work.

His motto became “I have but one passion, and that is He, and only He.” He traveled extensively throughout Europe, Great Britain and America preaching “Christ, and him crucified,” and organizing societies of Moravian brethren. He wrote over 2,000 hymns but only a few still remain today. He died in 1760.

It is said “John Wesley is said to have been under obligation to Zinzendorf for some ideas on singing, organization of classes, and Church government.”

Wesley translated the lyrics into English.

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