Hymn Story: Jesus, Lover of My Soul

“Jesus, Lover of My Soul” was written by the prolific hymn writer Charles Wesley. He wrote the hymn within months of his 1738 conversion and titled the piece “In Temptation”.  It was first published as a poem in 1740.

Not until nine years after Wesley’s death was a tune added to the poem. Yet, it has become one of his most popular and influential hymns appearing in more than 2600 hymnals.

It is said that the great revivalist Charles Finney sang this hymn on his deathbed in 1875.

Around the turn of the 20th Century, those gathered at the graveside of evangelist Dwight L. Moody also sang the hymn.

A story in Mature Living Magazine tells a story of a Civil War veteran filled with fear and helplessness. As he patrolled, he heard a soldier from the opposite side of the conflict singing this hymn. The song calmed his fear and feeling of hopelessness, as he turned away from his enemy.

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